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About Us

Hi, thank you for visiting our site....
If you're looking for roof truss than your on the right place. We are the manufacturer of roof trusses ( C purlin and hat batten ) with a vision to provide the community roofing products that are safe, for the home owners also for the environment, and of course with reasonable price.
For that to happen we must ensure we use the right material and production methods that will produce first class truss products.
We also have to guarantee the continuosity of our products so  we can give to the clients whenever they need it.
And what most important is we should always learn to give the best service to the buyers, for we're longing not only to build a buyers sellers relationship
but to know eachother as friends or even family. Because good sales are nothing compares with the smile we get from you. 

Here you can see our products details and choose which one suits your need.

Pleas contact us for more info.


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